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Meet BASAA Scholar Sodany Soy

Hi everyone! Soy, Sodany PhotoMy name is Sodany Soy and I am one of the 1st generation Cambodian-Americans in my family to be attending university, and to be studying abroad. I currently attend the University of Massachusetts Boston as an undergraduate with a Marketing concentration and plan to attend Graduate school for Creative Writing.

I’ve always been intrigued with creativity in advertising and marketing from different countries. To me, South Korea has recently been growing in their economy and technology that I hope to enter the marketing department for major Korean companies. Not only do I like the technical side of marketing, but also how to create my own designs. I like to be creative and aim to take courses in media, design and communication along with marketing.

With my mother coming from Cambodia, I have a strong sense of social responsibility as well as global charity towards other countries. I will visit Korean orphanages to spend time with the children. I hope to join in activities in my neighborhood to feel a part of the community. With my love for new languages, I also plan to take Korean languages classes to be able to build a better bridge of communication between myself and the people I meet.

In some aspects, I am looking forward to observe yet enjoy the various cultures and subcultures in South Korea. From their delicious food to fashion, holidays to traditions, I want to immerse myself and experience their lifestyle to become more adaptable, open-minded, and appreciative and build strong international relations! I am also looking forward to intern opportunities in the Korean companies of my interest.

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