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2014-15 BASAA Scholarship Recipient – Melanie Griffin-Michael

MGMichaelHello! My name is Mellanie, and I am a third year psychology student at Lesley University.  Lesley’s campus is in Cambridge near Boston, MA but I am located in Atlanta, GA.  What a commute, right?? Actually, I am an adult student in the online bachelor’s program.  I’m also the mother of two “traditional-aged” college students, and when I’m not studying, or working as the receptionist at a user experience research firm, I am likely to be found listening to music, spending time with friends, practicing my Russian or some combination of the same.

I’m planning to travel to Orebro University in Sweden as an exchange student for the fall semester.  In addition to taking psychology and Swedish social policy courses, I will also be learning the Swedish language. Additionally, I plan to visit St Petersburg and try out my Russian skills, and to work with a local women’s or children’s charity during my six months abroad.

As a non-traditional student, the idea of simply returning to school to pursue my dream of becoming a psychologist seemed so large and almost insurmountable when I started this journey.  Now, I am not only looking at the finish line on my bachelor’s degree, but also at being the first adult online student from my school to participate in the exchange program.  Not to mention traveling outside of the U.S. for the first time in my life.  It’s exciting, humbling, and a little scary…but I’m ready.

Adjö för nu  (“Goodbye for now” in Swedish)!

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